Soul Spa: Radical Self Care for Busy People

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13th, 27th and October 11th… enter Soul Spa: Radical Self-Care for Busy People
7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at Water’s Edge Wellness

Are you the kind of person that spends most of your time taking care of other people?
Do you run around like a maniac trying to complete everything on your task list? When people mention “self-care” do you snort or think, “Who has time for THAT?” If you are need of better care for yourself, join us for this dynamic series on radical self-care for mind, body, heart and spirit. You’ll learn easy techniques that take mere minutes that allow you to re-charge and nourish yourself through out the day. You can take one class by itself, or sign up for all three. For signing up for the class, you’ll also be given resources to help you relax and remember all you learned.

No experience necessary, and no preparation needed. Age 11 and up. For each class, wear comfy clothes. Pajamas welcome. Bring a pillow to sit on and your favorite lotion, cream or oil for hands and feet.

Space is limited! Purchase Tickets at: