Massage Therapy

All massage therapy services are provided by the award winning staff of the Marble Falls Massage Therapy Center. Each Licensed Massage Therapist has received extensive training in human anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. Massage therapy has become a popular remedy for a wide variety of physical and emotional strains such as fatigue, headaches, back pain, insomnia, anxiety and so much more. Read more on the benefits of Massage Therapy here.

Ready to make massage therapy sessions a regular part of your wellness routine? Check out our Nourish & Flourish Massage Package options here.

Woman receiving a head massage


Individual Massage Therapy Sessions

15 min small spot treatment $20

30 min medium spot treatment $40

45 min large spot treatment $60

60 min total body treatment $80

75 min total body + small extra focus area $100

90 min total body + medium extra focus area $120

105 min total body + large extra focus area $140

120 min total body in focus $160


Classic Swedish Spa Massage

Select this service if you need some peace and quiet and pampering. The focus of this massage is relaxation. Relieve anxiety, improve sleep quality, and minimize stress with light to medium pressure techniques designed to create an inner calm. Heated neck and foot towels are included with this service.


Lazy Daisy Floral Massage

Similar to our Classic Swedish Spa Massage, select this service if your focus is relaxation. Upon check in, you will be able to sample our selection of organic floral oils to create a custom oil blend for your massage. Heated neck and foot towels are included with this service.


Oh Mama! Prenatal Massage

Select this service if you are relaxing for two! Prenatal massage is an excellent way addition to your prenatal wellness routine. Reduce stress, relieve back and hip pain, and improve sleep quality in all stages of pregnancy. Special offer for Hill Country Mamas: purchase a Nourish & Flourish Prenatal Massage Series and redeem a complimentary 30 minute house call session after baby arrives! Redeemable anytime in the first year postpartum.


Dig Deep: Deep Tissue Massage

Select this service if your focus is on pain relief or improved mobility. Our therapists are highly trained in functional and dysfunctional musculature and will use a variety of the techniques at their disposal to relieve you of your aches and pains. *It is not uncommon to experience an exercise-like soreness after a deep tissue massage. For maximum benefits, we encourage our clients to continue their self care by staying hydrated, gentle stretching, and possibly icing the areas of focus of this work.



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