Sandra Galyon, LCSW

Sandra Galyon attained her BA in Psychology from Baylor University. She completed her MSSW from The University of Texas at Austin in 2000. She has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since March 2005 . She is a Board Approved Clinical Supervisor.

Mrs. Galyon has extensive clinical experience in mental health treatment of persons of the age of 12 and above. She has experience working with individuals and families. Her goal is to help people find balance and serenity regardless of the situation in which they have come from, or currently find themselves in the midst of.

Mrs. Galyon specializes in individual treatment of  adolescents and adults with issues of anxiety, depression, general mental health, major mental health, grief,relationship, marriage, divorce, medical conditions, spirituality, abuse, difficult life adjustments. She also has experience working with active military and veteran issues. She is Chairwoman of the Highland Lakes Suicide Prevention Taskforce and Founder of Operation Exfil.

Mrs. Galyon was born and raised in Texas and has lived in the Hill Country since 2001.


Life can be rough, and sometimes we need a little help getting by and coping. I have always been led to help people, and have found my calling in counseling people through their trials. I have worked with individuals from age 12 to 105 with various kinds of issues. Counseling may be necessary for a short time or for a longer period. For some it is hard work. My goal is to help you build coping skills to get you over the challenges in your daily life and return to a sense of balance and serenity. Everyone has the ability to grow and improve their situation. I help you identify your strengths and work with you to expand your emotional tool box so you may tackle your challenges! I look forward to working with you!” -Sandra